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How to migrate NSX-V to NSX-T with the Migration Coordinator [Fixed topology]

Ever needed to migrate NSX-V to NSX-T? During this post, i’m going to break down the steps for migrating a NSX-V Data Center Environment to NSX-T. This migration is based on one of the available fixed topologies in the NSX Migration Co√∂rdinator. Lab overview The lab contains of the following: 1 management vCenter (vc01-mgmt.vk.lan) with…

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How to enable VMware vSphere authentication proxy with ease in vCenter 6.7 – Step-by-Step

vSphere authentication proxy is a service that is available in every vCenter server. By default, the vSphere authentication proxy service is set to manual and the service is not in a running state. With vSphere authentication proxy you can easily domain join an ESXI host. The vCenter server will serve as a proxy to domain…

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Unable to perform a VM task like vMotion or Snapshot in vCenter 6x – Step-By-Step

This week I had an VM that couldn’t perform an vMotion or a snapshot task. Performing one of these tasks results in an error message as shown in the picture below: Troubleshooting One of the first steps I did was checking the VM log of that particular VM for any errors. This is very simple…

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