Finally passed the VCAP6.5-DCV design exam! – Exciting

Finally passed the VCAP6.5-DCV design exam! After several months of studying and failing the exam twice, I have completed the VCAP6.5-DCV design exam. They say ‘third time’s a charm’, I can definitely say that’s right! And with the VCAP6-DCV deploy exam that I already had completed on 06-Feb-2018, I am now officially VCIX6.5-DCV certified.


VCAP 6.5-DCV exam experience

The exam exists out of 60 questions (multiple choice and drag and drop) that need to be completed within 135 minutes. The main focus of the exam is to be familiar with the design methodology to create and plan an design.

The exam sections that are available in the exam blueprint, will exactly tell you what skills are required to pass the exam. You need to know what the difference is between an functional and a non functional requirement, what the differences are between an conceptional, logical and physical design, Identifying AMPRS and RCARs, and being familiar with vSphere 6.5. Most of the questions are based on the design methodology and that was the part where i was lacking in. I found some really useful VMware community blogs and videos from the vBrownBag community that helped me to improve these skills. Failing the exam twice was a pity. I passed the exam after a third attempt.

Study material

  • The official VCAP6.5-DCV blueprint – url
  • The design cookbook from Hersey Cartwright. – url
  • All the great VCAP design related video series from vBrownbag – url
  • AMPRS and RCARs explained by Jeffrey Kusters – url
  • AMPRS explained by Chris Mutchler – url
  • What’s new in vSphere 6.5 white paper – url

Study guides

  • Unofficial VCAP6-DCV Design Study Guide from Matt Callaway – url
  • VCAP6-DCV Design Exam Preparation from Graham Barker – url

Design test exams

  • VCAP6-DCV Design Quiz from vmusketeers – url
  • VCAP6-DCV Design Quiz from virtualtiers – url

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