What is an vExpert and how to become one? 1

What is an vExpert and how to become one?

vExpert, you might have seen it before on social media or on VMware communities but what is it?

In this blog post, I will share my experience of becoming an vExpert, what the benefits are and most important part is how you can become an vExpert yourself.

What is the vExpert program all about?

The vExpert program has been around for a while and in this program the key value is basically giving back to the community. What does that mean? You as an VMware professional, user or just as an VMware lover/nerd like me can become an vExpert by sharing knowledge about products from the VMware stack.

You can apply for the vExpert program every year. The vExpert applications opens twice per calendar year and closes after 30 days. The voting period can take 30 to 45 days. Voting will be done based on your contribution of shared knowledge.

There are several ways of sharing knowledge with the community. You can share in a way of blogging, speaking on events, publishing videos, assisting users on VMware platforms like VMTN and so on.

The vExpert award only lasts for a year so you need to re-apply once a year when you would like to retain the vExpert award.

Benefits of being part vExpert program

There are some cool benefits when you become an vExpert.

  • Invite to the private vExpert #Slack channel
  • vExpert certificate signed by our CEO Pat Gelsinger.
  • Private forums on communities.vmware.com.
  • Permission to use the vExpert logo on cards, website, etc for one year
  • Access to a private directory for networking, etc.
  • Exclusive gifts from various VMware partners.
  • Private webinars with VMware partners as well as NFRs.
  • Access to private betas (subject to admission by beta teams).
  • 365-day eval licenses for most products for home lab / cloud providers.
  • Private pre-launch briefings via our blogger briefing pre-VMworld (subject to admission by product teams)
  • Blogger early access program for vSphere and some other products.
  • Featured in a public vExpert online directory.
  • Access to vetted VMware & Virtualization content for your social channels.
  • Yearly vExpert parties at both VMworld US and VMworld Europe events.
  • Identification as a vExpert at both VMworld US and VMworld EU.

Different types of vExpert subprograms

The vExpert program itself is a recognition of your impact on the community. If you contribute heavily in one specific field, you can also apply for one of the vExpert subprograms which are listed below.


My story of becoming an vExpert

In my case it all began at VMworld Europe 2019, where I talked with a lot of VMware fanatics about sharing knowledge. After several chats I finally decided to go for it and start sharing knowledge in a way of blogging. During a VMworld session about Network Insight, I finally found the perfect domain name that I would like to use for my blog. The vkernelblog.com domain is derived from VMkernel. As you already know the VMkernel is basically the heart of the ESXI host. I ordered the domain name with an hosting package and started blogging on my way home from Barcelona.

I had a lot of information that I could put in several blog posts like: My first time experience to VMworld, How to implement CSE, how to deploy vCD cells and much more. Some of the blog post are getting massive hits and that keeps me motivated to post/share more among the VMware community.

After blogging for several months and being active on social media, I saw the announcement of the vExpert applications on social media. I eventually applied for the vExpert application, even though I was still in my early blogging stage.

VMware announced the vExpert awards after the voting period. I saw lots of tweets from VMware users/professionals that achieved the vExpert award. Unfortunate, I didn’t receive any mail from VMware with the results. After reading a tweet from the VMware community to check the spam mailbox, I finally found a mail with the subject: “Welcome to the vExpert Program!“.

After achieving the vExpert Award and being an blogger for several months I had this awesome call with an VMware vCD support engineer. The VMware vCD support engineer asked me if I was the owner of vkernelblog.com. He told me that they were using my post about implementing CSE as reference to customers. This was of course really awesome to hear from an VMware engineer.

I applied for the vExpert Cloud Provider subprogram because I’m contributing heavily on the cloud provider field. And guess what. I made it!

My profile on the public vExpert online directory – link

Being part of the vExpert program also gives you access to the vExpert private slack channel where you can have a chat with other vExperts.

How to apply for the vExpert Program

To apply for the vExpert program, go to the vExpert website by clicking on the following link. Make sure you have all the required information that is needed for the application.

What is an vExpert and how to become one? 2
Example application form

If you need any help with the application, you can reach out to an vExpert Pro from your region.

Note: The vExpert applications are now open. Applications close on June 25th

I’m also willing to assist you guys with your application, please do not hesitate to contact me through twitter or through the contact page.

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